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Online Hebrew Books Search Engine



This experimental function is designed to be your one stop search engine for for full-text primary Hebrew / Jewish sources in pdf format.  The search engine checks several sites that have uploaded Hebrew books and comes back with a list of results from Google. 

*Please note:  The main purpose of this search engine is to cut down the number of junk results to a minimum.  Unfortunately, since the results are from external sites, we cannot hope to eliminate these completely at this stage.

Search Tips

Result links to a link -- Sometimes the book you are looking for will come up immediately, however more often you will reach a page were you can download the book you are looking for in pdf format.   Follow the link.

Result leads to a list of books --   if the results link has sent you to a list of books, you might want to use the find function in your browser (usually located under the edit menue) to search through the page (just re-enter you search word/s and it/they should be highlighted).

The search engine is basically a free text search.  This means that although you may get some junk results, you have a lot of flexablity:

*Search by title -- if you already know the name of the book you are looking for put it in quotes.  Otherwise, use part of the title or a keyword that might appear in its description.

*Search by author -- if you want to eliminate results try using quotes, changing around order of first and last name etc.

*Search by year of publication -- many of the full text pdf sites have year of publication.  You can try searching Gregorian year (e.g. 1888).

*Search by place of publication -- this might not be the most effective use of this search but, place of publication does appear for many books online (a vast majority those non-copywrited books published in the US).