Levinas Facing Biblical Figures:

In the works of the prominent 20th century philosopher, Emmanuel
Levinas, we find moments in which he refers to biblical figures.  
What role do these allusions play in his thought?   Can his philosophy
open up a unique and fresh way for interpreting the stories and actions of
these figures?  These questions will direct the discussion of the relation
between the philosophy of Levinas and the stories of various figures of
the bible.  By exploring the stories of figures such as Cain and Abel,
Abraham, Moses, Samson, Job, Ezechiel, Ruth, this conference seeks to
form a concrete link between the Jewish experience and Levinasian
themes such as responsibility, substitution, infinity, immemorial past,
paternity, and maternity.
An International Conference
  BGU, Beer-Sheva, Israel  -  Dec. 28-29, 2010
           "...and Abraham dwelt at Beer-Sheba"  (Gn. 22, 19]
Confirmed Speakers:

Michal Ben Naftali (Tel Aviv University),
Hanoch Ben Pazi (Bar-Ilan University)
Ya'akov Blidstein (Ben-Gurion University),
David Brezis (CNRS, Paris)
Catherine Chalier (Université Paris Ouest),
Richard Cohen (University at Buffalo),
Elisabeth Goldwyn University of Haifa, Oranim College for Education
Joelle Hansel (Raissa and Emmanuel Levinas Center),
Annabel Herzog (University of Haifa),
Hagi Kenaan (Tel Aviv University),
Yael Lin (Ben-Gurion University),
Ephraim Meir (Bar-Ilan University),
Gary D. Mole (Bar-Ilan University),
Eli Schonfeld (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Shalom Hartman Institute),
Don Seeman (Emory University),
Shmuel Wygoda (Herzog College, The Van Leer Institute),
Raphael Zagury-Orly (The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design)