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Tradition, Heterodoxy and Religious Culture:
Judaism and Christianity in the Early Modern Period
edited by Chanita Goodblatt and  Howard Kreisel 

Fulltext articles


The Church of England, Judaism, and the Jewish Temple in Early Modern England by Achsah Guibbory (Barnard College)

Donne, Anti-Jewish Rhetoric and the English Church in 1621 by Jeanne Shami (University of Regina)

Odyssean Return and Literary Theurgy in Shakespeare and Milton by Noam Flinker (Haifa University)

Jewish Christianity in Milton's Paradise Lost: The Son as Angel of the Lord by Albert C. Labriola (Duquesne University)

From Safed to Venice: The Shul˙an Arukh and the Censor by Amnon Raz-Krakozkin (Ben-Gurion University)

The Text and Context of the 1684 Sulzbach Edition of the Zohar by Boaz Huss (Ben-Gurion University)

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in the 1689 London Sermons of ׃akham Solomon Aailion by Matt Goldish (Ohio State University)

Social and Political Ideas in Early Modern Jewish Philosophical  Commentaries on the Story of the Tower of Babel by Michael N. Rony (Ben-Gurion University)

Authorship in the Age of Early Jewish Print: Isaac Abravanel’s Maaynei ha-Yeshua and the First Printed Edition in Ferrara 1551 by Cedric Cohen-Skalli (Shalem Institute of Jerusalem)

Solomon Malkho’s Self-Perception as the Biblical Daniel by Abraham Gross (Ben-Gurion University)

Job in the Reformation Bible: Traditional Religious Belief and Its Critique by Lawrence Besserman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Locating the Early Modern Emergence of the Moral Sublime: Kant’s Engagement with Milton’s Poetry and the Book of Job by  Sanford Budick (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

A Poem by Joseph Sarfati in Honor of Daniel Bomberg’s Biblia Rabbinica, Venice 1525 by Ann Brener (Ben-Gurion University)

‘High Holy Muse’: Christian Hebraism and Jewish Exegesis in the Sidneian Psalmes by Chanita Goodblatt (Ben-Gurion University)

Two Annes, Two Davids: The Sonnets of Anne Locke and Anne de Marquets by Anne Lake Prescott (Barnard College)

Art and Sermons: Mendicants and Muslims in Florence by Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby (Ben-Gurion University)

The Affordances of Images: Religious Imagery and Iconoclasm from a Cognitive Perspective by Ellen Spolsky (Bar-Ilan University)

‘For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God’: Contrition, Confession, and Satisfaction in Baroque Painting by Daniel M. Unger (Ben-Gurion University)

Jews and Moors at the Crossroads: Female Conversion in Don Quixote and The Merchant of Venice by  Aaron Landau (Ben-Gurion University)

What Counts as Early Modern English Catholic Writing? by  Arthur F. Marotti (Wayne State University)

Love of God in the Age of the Philosophers: Mary Astell, Occasionalism, and the Metaphysicals by William Kolbrener (Bar-Ilan University)

The Karaite Isaac ben Abraham of Troki and his Polemics against Rabbanites by Golda Akhiezer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Jewish Anti-Christian Polemics in the Early Modern Period: Change or Continuity? by Daniel J. Lasker (Ben-Gurion University)